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New PR and Music Update

Last week, I shit the bed, metaphorically speaking.  Training just decide to loosen my pucker and push out a huge pile of awful.  It happens and luckily I have a huge ego and some confidence and knew it would not last.  I regrouped, held my hand under an open flame (this is stupid), took ice cold showers and told myself to “man the fuck up”.  Completely over dramatic but that is why some people count calories while the rest of us choke wizards and fuck goblins; which makes absolutely no sense.  I just wanted to say “fuck goblins”  and I think counting calories might be the worst thing since “going in/coming out con flimser”.

Anyway, on Saturday I wasn’t supposed to train but decided to see what I could do.  I reached my January goal of strict pressing 225 pounds. I did this with a straight bar (not the Electric Six’ Gay Bar!).  This is my first time using a standard power bar with my pressing since the surgery.  I finished off with two assistance movements of 100 reps each, some neck work and called it a day.  I am very happy with my progress so far and will continue on the path that I’m on; it is working and to alter it/deviate or change it at this point would equate to someone who thinks income tax is, at any point, a good thing.

In other news, I have teamed up with drummer and friend Joey Waters to form an yet-unnamed band.  Our assaults will be short, fast as fuck/slow as molasses bits of grind/sludge.  We have a general blueprint of what we are going after and will record our first couple of songs in early September.  Joey can blast and groove and am honored to have him behind the kit for this aural hate brigade.  3 songs have been written with nods to Slayer, Eyehategod, Weekend Nachos, Rotten Sound, Votnut, Magrudergrind and whatever else is amazing.  Thank you to Joey for making this a reality.  Now go to his Facialbook page and ask him a ton of questions.


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