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Mobility Training – Hurdles

Preparing for the Olympics

The past couple of weeks I’ve been going to the local high school and using the hurdles for hip mobility.  I have used (and continue to use) different forms of mobility and flexibility methods to improve this area.  The hurdles are terrific for opening up the hips.  The different mobility and flexibility work will be discussed at length in the “Beyond 5/3/1” book but the key to any of this stuff is this:


While that concept may seem simple I think people are too hung up on what to do when they should, to use the cliche, “just do it.”

I set up 5-8 hurdles at the lowest setting.  Going forwards and backwards, I step over the hurdles with my lead leg on the outside of it.  I then move the hurdle up a notch and repeat.  After about 100 reps with each leg, I move the hurdles to the highest setting and do “duck unders”, making sure to try to get under the hurdles by lowering my hips, not my body.  This is done for about 50 reps total.

This simple workout takes about 30 minutes and is another great way to improve hip mobility.



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