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The Importance of Reps by Paul Carter

So I wrote an article last week about repping, and happenstance has brought me across more and more and more shit that just speaks volumes to me how repping is really the cornerstone of getting fucking strong.  Not god damn singles.  Kaz is possibly the strongest human that ever walked the planet top to bottom.  That we know of.  Kaz lived on sets of 10-20.  During his bench cycle he did eventually work down to a triple, but outside of that he repped his nuts off.

Ronnie Coleman is possibly the largest bodybuilder of all time.  Lived on reps.

Stan Efferding.  The strongest bodybuilder of all time.  Lives on reps for the majority of the year.  In other words, that’s where his foundation comes from.

Derek Poundstone.  Reps.

Dorian Yates.  Reps.

Doug Young.  Reps.

Strongmen in general.  Reps.

Yes, drugs and all that jazz too, I got it.  The game is the same on the natural or drugged end.  None of the biggest and strongest guys on the planet got that way, training predominantly on singles.  NONE.  I write this again because I see so many guys now that live on singles as the mainstay of their program.  I don’t care what anyone tells you, living in the 5-12 rep range will give you everything you need, 95% of the time.  Sprinkle in some weeks of singles here and there (or use them as your primer for your back off sets like I do), but BEAT REP PR’s.  Again, 90-95% of your training should be in that 5+ rep range work.  Triples are fun too, and triples can do anything singles can do really, so why bother living “single”?

For every one guy you can tell me that used singles predominantly to build an elite level of strength I will show you 20 that used reps as their mainstay.  I don’t need to whip out studies to prove this.  I will just whip out 5 decades of bodybulders, then powerlifters, then strongmen who all based their training around reps.  I know this seems like such a simple concept but certain training philosophies, mainly certain geared training philosophies, have pushed max singles on a weekly basis.

Mix in some heavy singles from time to time.  Just don’t live on them.

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