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10 Song Playlist – Delivering the Riffs

  1. My War – Tooled up and Ready for Action: Hardcore/sludge outfit that featured the late (and amazing) vocalist Johnny Morrow.  Most know him from his older band, Iron Monkey.
  2. Minsk – White Wings: Neurosis-esque featuring Sanford Parker.  They also did an amazing cover of Rory Erikson’s “Stand for the Fire Demon.”  Highly recommended.
  3. Let the Night Roar – Sleep: High on Fire sound/tone. And no meandering riffs.  Ending riff of this song is absolutely punishing.
  4. Leechmilk – Of Wall: Unheralded sludge band do their worst on the split EP with Sofa King Killer.
  5. Knut – Wyriwys: Another post-metal/rock outfit.  Too many black rimmed glasses and plaid shirts in this genre but this song sets them apart.
  6. Grave in the Sky – Here Lie: Two bassists, effects and trance-inducing riffs from Israel.  Turn off the lights and hide the firearms.  The soundtrack to the end of the world.
  7. Gaza – Bishop: No explanation needed – off one of the finest CD’s ever made.  If you don’t own “He is Never Coming Back” go out and get it NOW.  Play at loud volumes at all times.
  8. Federation X– The Hatchetman: Two guitars played through bass amps (at least that’s what it sounds like to me).  Catchy as hell, rock.
  9. Dax Riggs – Sleeping with the Witch: Legendary singer/lyricist brings the goods with his solo work.  Haunting voice and lyrics.  The fact that he hasn’t gotten extensive radio play assures me that there is a conspiracy against great music.
  10. Cavity – Damaged IV: One of the top sludge bands of all time hit the jackpot with the “Supercollider” release.  Not a bad track on the album and this song is absolutely devastating. The soundtrack to a night of binging and sinning.

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