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5/3/1 Testimonial – Firefighter in Training

(Thanks to Jay Stadtfeld for sending me this testimonial. Good luck in the future!)

Jim, I wanted to say thanks for creating a great, simple program that we commoners know as 5/3/1.

Last semester was brutal on me (and consequently my girlfriend, too), as I’m in training to become a firefighter (last semester was an EMT course, and today was the state exam). All my time, energy, and dedication was there in my EMT book.  Due to that, I needed simplicity in all other aspects of my life. Not only was I studying my ass off, but I was also unemployed (still am) to boot, as the course demanded everything I could manage. Since my time was at a premium, I decided 5/3/1 to be a good fit for me. I created a spreadsheet, input my numbers, and followed them for three cycles (continuing it currently).  Because of this, I ended up hitting multiple rep PR’s, but also breaking through to the other side; I pressed 200 and tugged 500. The latter of which I’ve been clawing at for two years to the month I did it in.

I’ve since surpassed the press and am now estimated (through one rep max calculations) at 215, which is 5 pounds above my body weight. Pressing body weight plus is a “life” goal of mine, and as evidenced, I’m capable of it.  Long story short: Your program works. It’s great for those in a bind, too. Life is never “as you expect”, and you need to account for variables.

Thank you, Jim.

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