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  • December8th

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    Matt Vincent is a champion in the Highland Games.  I’m not terribly familiar with the Highland Games other than attending a few and competing in one whilst I was completing my concentration in university.  If you ever go to a Highland Games festival wear earplugs.  The bagpipes sound great…for the first 15 minutes.  Then you just want to punch the air bladder and blame them for Ko”backwards R”N.  Anyway, Matt has written a number of books about training for the Highland Games and travels the world competing.  He began video taping his travels and the people he meets – and has started a series called “The Drifta Lifta”.  Yep, you read that right.  The name seems to imply unbrushed teeth and dumpster diving for expired cuisine, but it is quite the opposite.  The first episode of the series features a stop in San Francisco (which Jack Donaghy calls “‘People’s Gay-public of Drugifornia”.) He has a stop into a Crossfit facility to get his chi alingned and remind him to lift heavy weights.  Also includes his performance in a Highland Games and some good entertaining banter.

    This is some good stuff. Check it out and have a good laugh. Watch close enough and you might learn something as well.



  • November20th


    Dan Gable

    Question: I did 5/3/1 previously and am considering starting it again soon. I had a couple questions that I could really use answering  First off, could I add an arm day as the 5th day to workout? When doing 531 the first time, I noticed a lack of arm definition and size. I rarely experience arm fatigue so I feel it could work.  Second,  how bad is it to add more exercises to each or certain days?  I’ve been lifting the same weight for a year and am sick of it! Any information is appreciated.



    Answer:  I certainly wouldn’t recommend an added arm day for anyone using this program.  What I would do is to arrange your assistant work in such a way that gives you the necessary arm work during the 4 main workouts per/week.  If you cannot do this, then you are not choosing the correct exercises and trying to fit too much in.  Doing 50-100 reps of biceps work and triceps work per week is easy to fit into the main workouts.  Plus, you keep the back work (chins/rows) and your arms will “grow” just fine.  Adding an extra day simply means that you need to prioritize your training and exercises.

    As for adding exercises, I am assuming you mean assistance lifts.  Again, the program is flexible but you saying that you haven’t made progress in a year shows me that you aren’t ready to tweak a proven program.  Perhaps you need to follow the program as written – this seems to work for most.  I didn’t just create this program out of thin air and the thousands that have gotten stronger on the program isn’t a coincidence.  Trust the program; no matter what program you are using.  Once you lose that, you lose the effectiveness of ANY program, no matter how good it is.

    The two best movements for your arms, direct movements are Fat Bar Curls and Dips.  The Fat Bar Curls help strengthen and build your biceps and forearms.  Dips done correctly can help you build some big AND strong triceps. Both are functional movements in that they do more than give you size. Strong arms are essential for anyone that wants to be a strong S.O.B.  Don’t forget that the bigger you can get and stronger you get in basic movements, the more potential your arms have.  This means eating for performance/strength and not neglecting the basic movements of squat, deadlift, press, row, clean, etc.  This should go without saying. I also recommend using a fat bar and a rope (or towel) for your chin work.  I have a variety of fat bar chin attachments I use and a thick rope that help strengthen the arms to a large degree.  Adding these to your program is both smart and efficient.

    Since curls and dips are part of the Wendler Six Assistance movements these can be easily added into your training program without losing the focus and principles of the 5/3/1 program.


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