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  • January15th

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    Generation of Vipers

    Every so often I hear new music and I like it. But very rarely anymore does that music stick and latch onto my brain and the soul. Pyramids did that this year, offering the an album that totally rewrote what is possible.  And that album stuck – I still get chills when I think about it.

    And while Pyramids received a spot in the Wendler Hall of Fame for blending impossible genres, Generation of Vipers decided to stick to a classic business model: take what others are doing and just do it better. And goddamn do they do it better.  Blending a bit of Neurosis/Isis with Trap Them/Nails, Vipers decided to go for your throat and ruin your hearing.  Big drums and bass anchor the sound, which they pull off live as a three piece. Very hard to do, by the way.  Riffs for days and when they come in and out of emotions/textures, it is interesting.  Nothing pretentious about their travels out of RiffLand; it adds enough contrast to take you on a journey without leaving you stranded at the seedy gas station.

    These guys have four releases out: Howl and Filth, Coffin Wisdom, Grace and Dead Circle.  As with most bands, their sound has evolved over time; refined, heavier and more to the point. And better musicians.


    Check out this rehearsal footage of Generation of Vipers – just a devastating song.




    This next song shows a more Neurosis influence. I don’t know how people can’t just love this music – it is scathing, beautiful, devastating and played with absolute conviction.



    Are you interested in letting your next girlfriend know that you have taste? Or are you going to bow to Trivium and be a pretender-who-never-was? Listening to Generation of Vipers is a way to let women think, “I don’t know this guy, but there is obviously something there.  Might have to dump the panties.”

    Visit their Bandcamp page and buy their shit – support real bands, real musicians and people who are keeping real music alive. Stop playing it safe and stop eating the shit they are feeding you!

    Generation of Vipers BandCamp


  • September14th

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    By now, just about everyone into extreme music knows the band with odd moniker: Weekend Nachos. From the Chicago area, Weekend Nachos is a blend of power-violence, hardcore and grindcore.  WN has riffs for days and as one would guess, they never over stay their welcome. One million times better than what is passed off as “hardcore” these days, with the bark of power violence, Weekend Nachos is perfect for any holiday gathering, if your family is the Manson family (yes, a shameless Ellroy reference.)  Nachos is angry music. It is vile.  So don’t let the name fool you.

    Weekend Nachos has four proper releases, Worthless, Unforgivable, Bleed (EP), and Still.  The Bleed EP is two songs of extreme sludge/doom that can be compared a bit to Bongripper.  Obviously, Bleed is where I hang my hat, but most would do good to start with Worthless.


    And here is one of the track of the Bleed EP.

    Like Rats, sharing members with Weekend Nachos brings a bit more HM-2 to the stage but retain the sludge/hardcore and occasional d-beat into their music. And hell, they named their band after a Godflesh song so you know these dudes, at the very least, have huge balls.