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    I think we’ve all been in situations that completely drain you  emotionally, physically, and mentally. It could be from school, death, divorce, money  woes, or significant other stress. What I’ve always done is make sure lifting  remains a huge part of my life, even if just for the soul-soothing regularity of  being somewhere and doing something that I can control.

    One important lesson that I’ve learned is when things get out of hand in  life, keep the things that you can control, controlled. This keeps you from  going insane.

    The other thing that I’ve always done, especially during hectic times, is to always prioritize the main lifts and little/nothing else. So during the football season,  I’d just make sure to squat, bench, and clean. I’d be exhausted but  I’d pick one lift a day, set a goal, and reach it.

    This is something that I still do when life starts to run me ragged, and it allows me to completely focus on what’s important. The fact that I know going in that it will only demand SOME of my time is half the motivation.  Looking at some of the  workout programs people send me, complete with 9 exercises per day, I’d never    enter the weight room from the sheer amount of anticipated boredom. I want to lift  heavy, not fart around.  Lift with purpose – lift with a challenge looming to train for.  Training for nothing is NOTHING.  It’s admirable that one would spend all that time in one area, one activity with no fucking reason.  Is it art to do something like that?  Do you get a gov’t grant?

    So it comes down to this, when the world is handing you a huge pile of shit, keep the things that you enjoy in your life and keep the motivation high by not overwhelming yourself. Reach goals each workout and move on. This success will help  your attitude and keep you from falling too hard; let these things anchor you and keep you from drowning.  Just please don’t martyr yourself – being a victim, worshiping/admiring victims is how you breed weakness.  A life spent on your knees assures that your face will be stuffed with dicks and asses.  Get up and get the real view.
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  • November9th


    Supplemental:  The first way is to add in “big” supplemental work such as SLDL, Deficit Deadlifts, Front Squats, Rack Pulls, SS Bar Squats (or any big movement you are already doing; squat, deadlift, bench press and press).  You can use 5’s Progression, BBB, FSL (various sets/reps), SSL or SST with any of these movements. When you add in the big assistance work and plan to push it, I’d start by dialing back your training maxes of your main lift to at least  90% of your max and don’t go for max reps. Just keep things “even” with your heavy lifting. Don’t push everything that hard – keep the intensity up, but the volume  LOW. Remember that in training and in  life, there’s a balance to everything – a push and a pull. You push something into your training and something has to come out.

    Assistance: The second way to increase volume is with assistance work. In general, we use true body weight movements (dips, chins, push-ups, hanging leg raises NOT done with added weight (which is what it means to use body weight movements)) and “easy” or small assistance work that is easy to recover from – in other words exercises such as dumbbell raises, lat movements, machine work and single joint exercises.  These exercises are not tracked for weight or records. Rather these movements are done with one goal in mind; to get a big pump. If you choose to this route, there is no need to adjust your TM as these movements and the way they are done should in NO way effect your main training. If they do, you are doing something wrong.  However, you must pay attention to PR’s and bar speed.  When this suffers, change the variable. If you changed more than one variable, you need to re-examine your dome.  Get it looked at by someone who has one.


    The problem with the increase in assistance work is that everyone wants to have their cake and eat it  too. It doesn’t work like that – you can’t be strong like a powerlifter, fast as sprinter, and as big as a linebacker. Well, you can, but these people are so rare that teams pay them millions of dollars and television stations have billion dollar contracts to broadcast them to you. They’re called  professional football players, and if you’re one of them, you aren’t reading this, as you’re too busy counting your  money and cracking skulls.

    Too many people believe their mommy’s and think they are the outliers. Chances are you are average as fuck.  Work hard and smart.

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    Page Hamilton of Helmet