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  • February24th

    Cattlepress – Hordes to Abolish the Divine

    With one of the greatest album titles in history, Cattlepress delivered an unsung slab of riff-heavy metal/hardcore/sludge.  I bought this CD at a show in Tucson – Isis, Candiria and Dillinger Escape Plan were playing a small show (this was before Isis and DEP got “big” so it was a pretty intimate setting.)  Cattlepress’ masterpiece was released on the now defunct HydraHead records – thus the reason why I got it at the Isis show.

    Anyway, I got to shoot the shit with Jeff Wood (Get it?  Shoot the SHIT with Jeff Wood – pre accident) who was the touring bassists for DEP at the time.  But the real treat for me was hearing Isis on their Celestial tour. Wow.  This was when they were at the peak of their heaviness and they destroyed the venue. Unfortunately, the venue was filled with Jason Vorhees dressed fools that did their best Bruce Lee impression and didn’t receive the Wall of Sound in a favorable light. Isis actually got booed for a bit.  DEP got on stage, went ape shit for a couple songs and Dmitri went out in the audience, microphone wrapped in his hand and beat the crap out of some guy that was taunting him. Show stopped, lights went on and it was over.  Damn fine show.

    Anyway, that’s when I picked up Hordes and it remains one of the heaviest, out-of-center releases I’ve heard.  The guitar tone IS Cattlepress – it is unique and singular to them.  And they don’t follow any path or style – they are fast, slow and often times discordant. An uneasy mix of hardcore rage and bludgeoning sludge.

    As far as I know, this was their only proper LP, the rest of their stuff is on compilations and 7”.  This remains one of the many unheard of gems in the metal world and as far as I’m concerned, it’s a shame.  These guys deserve to be held in high regard.


  • February17th

    Training Max


    NOTE: This is from the Jim Wendler forum and written by Kevin Deweese – he explains it better than anyone I know, including myself.

    “Once you’ve been using 531 for a while you should get to a point where your TM doesn’t have a direct correlation (percentage) with your actual max. The 90% rule was the recommended starting point, Beyond 531 may mention 85% or 80% or whatever but the bottom line is you manipulate your TM based on current training goals, current programming, current level of strength, etc. There is no hard rule for your TM. In my opinion the more progress you can achieve out of a low TM the better.


    I’m not sure I’m explaining this well so let me try one other way. Let’s say you start 531 with a 300lb actual squat max so you set your TM to 270. You use a basic 531 format with some programmed resets, up 5 back 3. After 10 weeks of training you would be using a TM of 310 (up 5=320, back 3=290, up 5=340, back 3=310). Now you go to a meet or NOV challenge and squat 360. You wouldn’t (or shouldn’t) automatically change you TM to 325 because you just had a 60lb PR doing what you were doing. You simply carry on with the same up 5 back 3 plan. Do this for a couple of years and you can see how your TM becomes disassociated from your actual max. Now progress stalls and you look to change some programming. Instead of just starting over with a 90% TM, you manipulate your TM (because you know you can make great progress with a low TM) to fit your current programming or training goals. This is just one example of how things can progress, throw into that the ebb and flow of life, strength, whatever, and the TM simply becomes the way you control your programming to fit your needs and goals, and there are many ways to do this. I think sometimes this is hard to understand until you are there.”

    I can’t imagine this being explained any more simply.  This is why we use a TM – getting wrapped up in increasing the TM or comparing your penis length to your TM is pointless. Here’s a couple more recommendations:

    • Listen to Darkthrone, Coffinworm and Buried at Sea
    • Knowledge requires strength.
    • If there is doubt, there is no doubt.


    Thank you Kevin.