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10 Song Playlist, Volume II

This playlist will highlight some of the blackest sources of metal known to man.  With the exception of EHG and Buried at Sea, I’d say the below 10 are my favorite bands.

Coffinworm – Start Saving for Your Funeral

I once heard these guys described as “Eyehategod with Gauntlets”.  Of course, they don’t have the southern swing down but I think it’s accurate for people who don’t know much about music.  These guys give me a boner that curves enough to hit Satan’s g-spot.

Thou – Belt of Fire to Guide Me, Cloak of Night to Hide Me

This is one of the Litmus Test Bands for me – “Do you like Thou?”  If affirmative, they are good people.  If negative, I question their lives.  Absolutely crushing and no excuse for anyone to not have all of their stuff as most of it is free.  Incredible guitar melodies over massive low end.

Lord Mantis – At the Mouth

Along with Coffinworm, Lord Mantis put a hurting on false metal twats and anyone else that bothered to record anything in the past 5 years.  Drummer Bill Bumgardner does time in Indian and is insanely unique.  Art work by J. Bartlett.

Indian – Slights and Abuse

Fuck you if you think I’d mention Lord Mantis and not Indian.  Indian decided to wake up and make nothing but music that goes in dry and comes out bloody.

Burning Witch – History of Hell

True Seattle music, if you don’t know the history of Burning Witch you have been under a rock for the past 25 years with your Man-o-War CD’s talking about how awesome Lars Ulrich is as a drummer.  They had the saying “Death to False Hippie Doom” and it’s entirely true.  Burning Witch move at a truly glacier pace and surrender to the Ghost of Geddy Lee.  Insane Sunn Amp volume dealers.

Dragged Into Sunlight – I, Aurora

I had a hard time picking just one song from DIS, so I recommend you listen to everything they have, including their newest “Widowmaker”.  These guys have blackened every part of their music and have made amazing strides.  And an incredible live act.

Unearthly Trance – God is a Beast

Sadly, UT are no longer but their spirit grows within all doom/sludge/black music.  I got to see them play without the aid of a PA (aka HIDING) and they pulled it off because they play hard and play loud.

Portal – Larvae

Another band you must see live.  I fucking hate live shows now (I hate smelly people and wish they’d quit touching me (and that’s just people, in general)) but would go see Portal again.  My friend called Portal experience “the closest thing to an acid trip” after getting out of rehab.  Portal is NOT for the average listener; this is like being in an insane asylum and occasionally things make sense.  Occasionally.

Goatsblood – Ashtray Cunt Eyes

Way ahead of their time, Goatsblood are fucking raw and full of low-end hate with black tips that have gone way too unnoticed by the underground.

Clinging to the Trees of a Forest Fire – Lower Than Life, High as the Sky

100% hate filled grind/sludge.  I bet these guys give junkies hot shots for the hell of it.

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