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5/3/1 and Singles: A Simple and Different Approach

One thing that I have been doing with my own training for the past year and a half and the lifters that I have been fortunate to help guide online is using singles in the 5/3/1 training program.  The best way that I’ve found is simply taking a single, at the end of your 5/3/1 sets, at your Training Max.

This will ensure that you will always be hitting 90% of your max (or more, depending on where you are at in your training cycle).  There are numerous programming changes that can/do happen within the training cycle (especially during meet prep) but if you love to add in a heavy single and get confused as to how much to do – simply hit your training max after your main work.

Again, there are numerous options within these parameters and will be shown in the upcoming “Beyond 5/3/1” book; but hit reps and hit singles at your Training Max.  Expect more from yourself.  If you don’t do what is necessary to recover, you will fail.  If you do all that is necessary and have the discipline to follow through, you will be greatly rewarded.  Seems to be a common theme in training and in life.

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