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Monday Q/A with Jim Wendler

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Pyrros Dimas Olympic Gold Medalist

I am 31 5'9 and weigh a jello-like 376 as of yesterday. I have purchased your 5/3/1 2nd edition and was wondering if there were any special tips you can give me on dropping this fat suit that aren't in the book?

At your bodyweight, I don’t think you need any secrets.  All you need is to lift, walk each day, stretch and eat good, whole food.  I was asked one time what I’d do if I were 30% body fat.  My answer? Do mobility work, walk/ride a bike, lift weights and repeat until I wasn't.  The weights are for fat loss and strength.  The walking/bike is for fat loss (initially but after the adaption, it's for health and recovery) and the mobility is for injury prevention and overall "feel goodness".  I'd also recommend having some simple eating principles that you CAN FOLLOW; there is a difference between what you should do and what you are willing to do. Start somewhere and improve.

Unless you are going to a bodybuilding show or a figure contest, there are no tricks to losing weight.  It is a very simple process. Not easy but simple.


Jim I am getting ready for my first meet. It is a SPF meet so they use a monolift. I have never trained with a monolift. So I was wondering if at the meet if I should try to use the monolift, or just walk the weight out like I have been.

Just walk the weight out – unless you are using double ply gear there is no real reason to not use a walkout. If you have never used the monolift, it can be tricky to take the weight out of the hooks in the exact same stance you are used to squatting. It seems like it would be easy/simple but it isn't.  Good luck!


Hey Jim! I'm trying to buy a deadlifting belt online, since there isn't a fitness store that sells them. Are there specific brands you would recommend, or will you be stocking deadlifting belts?

I do not sell belts or any equipment.  I do have a singlet in the works.  I’ll be honest though, I don’t know of what makes a belt a “Deadlift belt” other than it being a belt that you deadlift in.  I use the same belt for all my lifts and never had a problem.  If you were looking for something very thin and narrow you are in luck as there are MANY cheap belts that fit this profile.  You can probably find them on Amazon. I know that Marc Bartley sells the Spud Deadlifting Belt but I have never used it or really seen it (knowingly).  I believe it is a cloth-type belt that adjust with a Velcro strap.  You may want to check that out.


I found your website when I was searching for a 5/3/1 banner or Jim Wendler gut-check mantra poster, such as "N.O.V."  A couple of my friends have Crossfit gyms/garages with Crossfit banners and Pukie the Clown posters hanging. ...BUT, they come over to my house for 5/3/1. I thought I'd throw up some signage letting folks know where they are. Unfortunately, your store doesn't have anything (yet)? Cool shirts by the way.  Nice to see you have a site. I'll keep checking in. Thanks for writing 5/3/1. Man, its effective... I wasted a lot of years over training heavy with 5 x 5.

At the time of this question I didn't have banners.  Now I do.  You can find them here.  I appreciate the support and it's good of you to offer up your home gym to the masses.  Good luck.


Jim, how much whiskey do you drink per day?  Is Beam your go to, or do you like to branch out to other kinds?

I just drink Jack Daniels.  Here is my logic in life:

  • Gibson SG – good enough for Iommi, good enough for me.
  • Adidas weightlifting shoes – good enough for Pyrros Dimas, good enough for me.
  • Jack Daniels – good enough for Lemmy, good enough for me.

Alcohol/beer snobs are ridiculous.  I’m not a fan of Bud Light or Piss Whiskey but I’m also not going to turn my nose up at Evan Williams either.  That dude can bring it.  I should point out that I have cut back significantly in last five years.  There comes a point in your life where you have to limit your vices; I have many, many vices and I can live without drinking. 


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