It's Not in My Budget (or is Jesus the only one saving?)

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I've noticed a trend on my Facialbook page and in the emails I get regarding training equipment, including shoes and belts, racks and bar; it's that nothing is in anyone's budget. Luckily I've found a great way around such things: saving your money. Its different, I know but bear with me. Sometimes things are too expensive for us to afford RIGHT now. So while they may not be in your budget NOW, they can be in your budget later. This is what is known as saving your money. This is when you set aside "X" amount of dollars every month/week and DON'T spend it. This is also known as discipline. Let's examine how this is done, using myself as an example:

  • 1st car - savings account started when I was in 7th grade, added to it all through high school and college.
  • 1st stereo - worked summer bagging groceries.
  • 1st drum set - worked summer AGAIN bagging groceries.

We did a major home renovation that required 7 years of saving to get the money. Same thing with the home weight room. If I've lived my whole life without something, I can surely live a couple more years without it while I save. So please stop the excuses and the martyrdom about your financial woes and do what is required to do to save your money. You might want to start by seeing what you really need versus what you want; there is a big difference. And what is really cool is when you really begin distinguishing between the two, you end up having more money and more freedom.  If you want something bad enough, you can usually earn it.

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