Three Prowler Workouts

Three Prowler Workouts

3 Prowler Workouts             

In the world of the Prowler, everything is distorted. Lung function, eyesight, gummy legs, stomach and heart rate - nothing is what it seems. You are the unknowing star in a David Lynch film. For those of you that have pushed the Prowler (and pushed it HARD), you know what I'm talking about. The first few workouts with this sled will leave you wondering how you let yourself go. After a few weeks, you feel a sense of invincibility - if the Prowler can't kill me, nothing can. I get asked all the time about how to push the Prowler. I'm assuming that this means how to program the Prowler into your training. Pushing the Prowler, literally, is a no brainer. Get behind the thing, lean hard and start driving your legs into the ground.

The following three Prowler workouts can be done during the same training week. All sets are done on the vertical posts. The easy and medium workouts can be done between training days and after bench press or press workouts. The hard Prowler workout can be done after you squat and deadlift. Remember that the weights prescribed below will vary on your level of strength, your bodyweight, your current fitness or conditioning level and most importantly the surface you push on. Each surface is going to be different (grass, turf, concrete and asphalt). And the concrete in one area may be different than the concrete in another; just be consistent.

The total time for each workout is a suggestion - you MUST apply the "50% Rule" to all hard conditioning if you are in the business of improving all areas of training (strength, conditioning, hypertrophy, speed, etc.).  Don't be a cucked stooge and just go "all out"; save that for testing.


Workout 1: Easy

* Weight - 90lbs

* Distance - 40 yards

* Sprints/Walks - 10 

* Total time - 15-20 minutes

Workout 2: Medium

* Weight - 90-180lbs

* Distance - 40 yards

* Sprints/Walks - 2 x 90lbs, 6 x 180lbs (in that order)

* Total time - 15-20 minutes

Workout 3: Hard

* Weight - 90-270lbs

* Sprints/Walks - 2x90, 2x180, 2x270 (in that order)

* Distance - 40 yards

* Total time - get the job done.  Note that the final weight used on the Prowler should be heavy enough that you CANNOT push it 40 yards without stopping.  In other words, the weight should be unbearably heavy and will take you several attempts to push it 40 yards.

Note: As you may notice above, we ONLY are concerned with "total time" it takes to do hard conditioning workouts.  Trying to monitor rest periods is an inferior way to work with the Prowler.

The good thing about the Prowler is that it WORKS. If you have bad knees and can no longer stress them with any kind of running, walking with the Prowler will fit your needs. Hell, walking with the Prowler is harder than running. Remember the first couple workouts will suck the life out of you, but you will quickly get better. No one wants to go through life sucking wind and no one wants to go through life sucking at all.

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