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Why Men of Action are Better

Ernest Hemingway

One Arnold Weekend, Matt Vincent and Jesse Burdick got my ass out of my house and put me in front of the camera.  The result was a great time, with great people and some interesting topics.  This was probably one of the most popular of all the podcasts I'd done, at least judging by the response I'd gotten. During this podcast, Matt and I talk about passion. How important it is for people to have passion outside their work/family. The benefits of this are obvious but it didn't strike me until recently WHY people with passion are so much better. Of course, you have the general attraction to them; everyone who has it, can appreciate/respect what others' are doing. Your interests can be polar opposites yet two people can have an admiration for the other. But there is another thing that makes a person with passion so damn awesome: They tend to stay the hell out of your business. This is because they are too damn busy to gossip, to force their shit down your throat. Their ego isn't so big that they claim to know what to do with your money, your time, your beliefs. Hell, there are actually adults out there telling OTHER ADULTS what words they can or cannot say. The ego on people these days. Unbelievable.

Of course, I understand that some people's passion is being full of shit, being a queen and trying to meddle in your personal life. I understand some people's passion seems to be shoving their ideology/mythology down your throat because AS ADULTS, they seem to know what other adults should think and believe. I understand some people seem to think that screaming/being a victim/having no control over their emotions is a positive way to go through life. I understand there are those that cannot stand the thought of another person thinking something different. Did you know these people actually judge a person's public apology? They talk about an apology being sincere enough - an apology for an action that isn't even for them!

But for those of us that love to do stuff, love what we do, are "People of Action", understand that life is fleeting and should not be wasted being a busybody - you are who I admire. You are what makes the world better. You are who gives others' inspiration. So play your music, feed your garden, rebuild your engine or do whatever action gets your eyes wide and your heart moving. You are what makes the world better and keeps the earth spinning in the right direction. You are what is right.

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