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Diet Queens, Squats and Fat Kids

Diet Queens, Squats and Fat Kids
  • Give your child some of the greatest gifts - the gift of physical fitness, athletics and healthy eating. By doing this you will eliminate most of the social bullshit and drama that many kids face. They will be emotionally and physically stronger, have better self-esteem, skin will be better, they will be confident for new challeges and carry themselves better.
  • Without exercise and proper eating habits, your kids will have an endless array of food issues, body issues and probably relationship issues. Give your kids a chance to be great!
  • Famed drum teacher Freddie Gruber, "You can have an amazing body, a beautiful body but if you aren't breathing, you aren't truly alive."
  • Do not shy away from adversity and challeges in everyday life. When something major happens; divorce, death, moving, lawsuit, losing a job, etc. These are the things that will allow you to rise above and show your friends and family who you truly are. Embrace these things and be better than expected. Take them head on and conquer.
  • If you can't train with squat stands and a platform, you have lost the spirit of this sport/lifestyle.
  • The best way to lose fat is to not get fat in the first place.
  • Don't be a Diet Queen - learn habits and have action-based goals.
  • The greatest mistake beginners make is taking advice from other beginners on the internet.
  • Beginner lifters need more consistency and frequency with less variety. This includes programming. In other words, quit program hopping.
  • If you want to be a better lifter and learn how to program, start competing in a sport or a meet/show. Your training will begin to take on an importance you had not known before. And you will learn more about training and yourself than you ever would. Make your training count.
  • Earn the right to squat and leave.
  • Pictured below is me and my friend Chris. This was taken probably 10+ years ago. Chris and Marie would travel from London, England to London, Ohio every few years and come visit me during their U.S. travels. Chris loved training but more importantly, Chris introduced me to a host of authors and we would often discuss them over steak and beer/whiskey.  Chris passed away recently and I have never forgotten what he taught me or how much joy he gave my life. 

Jim Wendler and Chris Young

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