Milk is Dead. Long Live Beef.

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For years, people have championed a gallon of whole milk/day as a great way to get stronger and bigger. And it works. Very well.  Growing up and learning about training, I was pretty well insulated from training knowledge. We had to use our limited experience, common sense and work ethic as well as actively seeking mentors. I never really heard of the milk theory until well into college.  At that time, if I was going to drink anything it was going to be a beer or a shot.  So I wasn't going to waste time with milk. However, I did need to eat, and eat I did.  Like most young men into training and football, I never ate for pleasure (yes, there was a time eating wasn't an emotional or moral issue with people.)  I ate for a purpose and that purpose was to get bigger, stronger and to ultimately get better at football.  And with a small budget and rudimentary cooking skills (remember, you adjust your tastebuds to your cooking, not the other way around), I began the utilitarian effort of eating one pound of ground beef per day. Along with a cup of rice and some seasoning salt, this concoction was split into two meals, one eaten when I woke up and one in the evening. This worked perfectly with school and practices; I knew I'd be at home at these times.

After awhile, I began eating two pounds a day with the same schedule. This proved to be the turning point for me as I finally learned what it was like to really eat to get stronger.  I got bigger, stronger and with the training volume and running, never got fatter.  It was probably the simplest way to eat for me at the time; a goal oriented schedule that allowed some flexibility as long as I reached the goal for the day. As I moved on in life and became further entrenched in training, whey protein powder, egg whites and chicken breasts became the trusted sources of protein. I never ate egg whites as anyone with 1/2 a brain knows you gotta have yolks.  But chicken quickly gets old if it isn't fried. And nothing can compete with beef. 

So I propose to you, young man looking to actually make some progress in the weight room - eat a pound of ground beef/day.  Do this for 6 weeks, every single day.  Prepare it however you want, but get it down.  You'll be pleasantly surprised at what happens. And anyone that has actually done the Monolith program and followed the diet to a T, knows what happens when you eat for your goals. Quit sabotaging your training by eating like a bird. To quote Louie Simmons, "You ever see the neck on a chicken?"

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