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These Keep Me Going

These Keep Me Going

I don't have to tell you how out of hand social media and other forums can get. Many days it feels like I'm beating my head into a brick wall but then one of these slips through the noise and I keep going.  I appreciate the readers, the thinkers and the doers who have read, thought, done, continued doing and then of course succeeded.  Your success is your own.

Morning Jim,

I don't usually write to my idols but I believe you have had such an impact on my life you deserve a few minutes of arse kissing from me. I've followed your advice since I started lifting at 16 (now 22) and so far you have gotten a naturally skinny kid with no athletic potential from 155lbs to 200lbs with a 250lb bench, 440lb deadlift and 375lb Squat. You even inspired me to compete in my first meet last year which was a great experience. Admittedly my head occasionally gets f-ed up with the crazy amount of information out there and I get tempted by the latest and greatest (which coincidently is when my set backs happen) but I always return to 5/3/1 and I always feel at my best both mentally and physically.  I've read all your books, articles and watched your videos so I won't add to your list of mundane questions you get asked everyday, I just wanted to show my appreciation for what you do and make sure it keeps coming, I'm looking forward to your new book. I have just finished your beach body challenge and will be starting your 5/3/1 for high school athletes + viking day soon and am looking forward to getting out the gym and trying some new stuff. Keep inspiring! Cheers, Wes

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