2020 Wendler Strength Fest

2020 Wendler Strength Fest


Where: Strength Guild, 2800 NE Center Ave., Topeka, Kansas 66616

What: The 2nd Annual Wendler Strength Fest consists of a modified powerlifting meet, a full Highland Games and a sanctioned Strongman Competition.



Jim Wendler's N.O.V. Powerlifting Meet: Federation Free - The N.O.V. Meet consists of a Buffalo Bar (slight cambered bar) Squat, an Overhead Press and a Trap Bar Deadlift.. There are no weight or gender classes- winners are determined by coefficient.  The first year went off as expected and the strongest athlete, Bryan Hartsel, placed first and Gina Schmidtlein took second place, proving that women can more than hold their own in an open competition.  If you train your squat with a straight bar, competing with a cambered bar is typically a non-issue; the big advantage is just that it's easier on the shoulders and allows more people to compete.  The Trap Bar is also easier on the back while not shying away from loading the bar and where else are you ever going to see or have a chance to compete in an Overhead Press event?



HVII Brand Highland Games: For the Highland Games we got our minds and money together and invited the best men and women in the world to compete on a three-person team. Each team will have one pro man, one pro woman and one lightweight pro man. Notable athletes competing include:

  • Spencer Tyler – Current Highland Games world champion and multiple world record holder
  • Big Evil Dan Tennison – Wichita, Kansas
  • Heather MacDonald – A mainstay in the womens world championship
  • Mike Beech – Former lightweight champion
  • Jeremy Irving
  • Plus more to announce

In addition to the team competition, there will be a full game for all classes of men, women, and master. For a complete list of athletes in the team and individual games, you can follow the updates on the N.O.V website and Instagram @n.o.v.meet.

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EliteFTS Strongman Event:  There is just something pure about Strongman. As a promoter you have the freedom to come up with the events for the athletes. That being said, most of the comps I’ve seen lately disgust me. They all pick the same 5-6 boring events. Not us.

Athletes will start off with a mouser block press circuit, with four blocks to press in 60 seconds or less. Next, will be a car deadlift for reps where athletes will have vehicles of varied sizes, and they will have to see how many reps they can get in a set time. Third, athletes will compete in the refrigerator yoke carry. The yoke has two full size refrigerators with a cross bar between. The final event is the wheelbarrow load and push. Athletes will load a 500 pound, custom-built wheelbarrow with a varied amount of weight and then push it through a course and across the finish line.

Food, Drink and Fun: The 2020 Wendler Strength Fest will have food, beverages, and other entertainment. Returning from last year is Norsemen Brewing Company, with special brews just for this event. We also hope to have another local brewery due to our expanded area. The goal is to have one beer vendor at each end of the festival area, so we don’t have to walk far to get a cold one. A bagpipe band is set to play around lunch time to honor the Highland Games, and we are working on getting more vendors like this. We will also have apparel vendors.  Last year we featured Wendler gear, JBBoss, HVIII Brand Goods and Balls Deep. We are working on having some events for younger kids.  Finally, to celebrate the end of an amazing day, we welcome musical guests, Iron Guts Kelly.

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Don’t miss out on this one. Be a man/woman of action! Get your ass off the couch and get in the game. Compete, coach or just come, have good time and show support.

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Current Prize List

Jim Wendler's N.O.V. Meet:

  • $7,000 total
  • 1st Place- $4,000.00
  • 2nd Place- $2,000.00
  • 3rd Place- $1,000.00

The Elitefts Strongman Award

  • $1000 total

The Hartsell Awards:

  • $1,000 total
  • $250 each for the man and the woman with the highest squat coefficient
  • $250 each for the man and the woman with the highest deadlift coefficient

The Crawfords Large Mammal Award:

  • $500 total
  • $250 each for the man and the woman that weighs in the heaviest (across all sports)

The McKinley Sportsmanship Award:

  • $500 total
  • $100 to be awarded FIVE TIMES to separate people for demonstrating elite sportsmanship at the event

The Strength Guild "I Like Big Butts And I Cannot Lie" Award:

  • $500 total
  • $250 each for the man and the woman with the best rump

The Pull a Lott Award

  • $250 for the woman with the biggest deadlift by weight on the bar


For current up to date info follow @wendlerstrengthfest on Instagram and the website wendlerstrengthfest.com

If you are interested in being a sponsor or setting up a booth at the event email wendlerstore@gmail.com for details.

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