5/3/1 Forever Introduction

5/3/1 Forever Introduction


"This book is an addition to the original 5/3/1 book and the Beyond 5/3/1 book. 5/3/1 Forever is meant for those that understand the 5/3/1 program and the basics of how the program works. Many changes have happened since I developed the program in 2008 but the core principles remain the same. This book has many different programs that I have done myself or have written for other athletes and lifters. Every single program has been tested and re-tested with one thing in mind: to make you better.

The main goal of this book is to give people the tools to program their training in a smart and efficient way. I’m really tired of the current crop of “coaches” throwing every kind of training against the wall, screaming “INTENSITY” and hoping something sticks. A well-balanced program need not be complex – if your goal is to do “x” there is no reason to do a lot of “y”. If you are doing more of “a” then you should be doing less of “b”. It's common sense as you have a finite amount of time and energy.

If you are a young athlete looking to make yourself better; don’t be overwhelmed and do not think you need to do everything at all times. Take small steps each day and keep your head down. Look at your feet, move forward. The moment you look up at the horizon is when you lose your balance and stumble.

If you are a young coach and hope to work with athletes at a high level, start writing, programming and volunteering. Challenge yourself physically as you should never expect your athletes to do what you have not done. This gives you perspective and respect. Keep your mouth shut and watch/read/ observe and listen.

If you’ve been lifting/training for the past 30+ years and continually find ways to push yourself and keep your teeth sharp, I have a ton of respect for you. We are some of the smartest and dumbest people on this earth. Use your experience and knowledge to stay healthy and help others in your community.

If you are new to all of this, welcome to the start of the journey! Training will transform you, physically and mentally. It gives back to you and often times, breaks you. If you have the patience and resolve to stick with it, great things can happen.

I encourage everyone to find whatever program speaks to you, fits your goals and your life. The best program you will ever do is the one that you believe in.

Write/Read/Train - Jim Wendler 2017"


You may have noticed the countdown clock has been reset and time added.  This is correct.  Pushing this book across the finish line has been challenging.  Due to editing delays, computer crashes, lost art, and switching to a printer that will better handle the volume...we've pushed back the pre sale. I WON'T sell anything I can't first hold in my hands and approve it's quality. 

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Excerpt On Recovery

5/3/1 Forever Contents & Excerpt On Supplemental Lifts


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