5/3/1 Forever: Contents & Excerpt on Supplemental Lifts

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List of Contents Followed by an Excerpt 


          • Foreword by Darren Llewellyn
          • Intro by Jim Wendler
          • Principles Of The 5/3/1 Program
          • Warm-Up/Mobility/Flexibility 
          • Jumps/Throws
          • Strength
          • Programming Your Training
          • Leaders And Anchors 
          • The Deload/7th Week Protocol
          • Assistance Work


The following PROGRAMS NOT TEMPLATES are completely outlined, explained and include main lifts, supplemental lifts, assistance lifts and conditioning.  You will also learn how to effectively transition between the programs.

          • In The Beginning
          • Beginner Prep School
          • Boring But Big
          • Boring But Big Challenge
          • First Set Last
          • 1000% Awesome
          • S.V.R. II
          • The Morning Star 
          • Volume And Strength 
          • 5x5/3/1
          • Rhode's 5x5/3/1
          • Portal's 5x5/3/1
          • Five And Dime
          • Simplest Strength Template
          • God Is A Beast
          • Full Body, Four Days
          • Black Army Jacket
          • Spinal Tap, 5's Pro
          • Spinal Tap, The High School Years
          • Coffinworm
          • Second Set Last
          • Full Body, 85%
          • Boring But Strong
          • Boring But Strong Challenge
          • BBS Variations
          • Supplemental Heaven
          • Full Body - Squat, Push, Pull
          • Full Body Variations 1-17
          • Pervertor
          • The Original
          • The Original and First Set Last
          • 9 Week Prowler Challenge
          • Original 5/3/1 Challenge
          • Combination Template
          • Limited Time - Variations For Widowmaker, BBB, BBS 
          • Body Build The Upper/Athlete The Lower
          • Strength And Conditioning
          • The Wendler Classic
          • Leviathan
          • Con Clavi Con Dio
          • Prep And Fat Loss Training
          • 5/3/1 Strength Circuits
          • 5's Pro Forever
          • Titanium Knickknacks Challenges 1-3
          • Widowmaker Circuit
          • Ceremony of Opposites
          • 2x2x2
          • The Krypteia Parts 1-3

  Part 3: Conditioning/Recovery

          • Easy Conditioning
          • Hard Conditioning
          • The Prowler
          • The Sled
          • Hills, Stairs And Everything Else
          • Runnin' With The Devil
          • Recovery Training
          • Recovery Diet
          • A Simple Plan
          • Get A Better Body In 36 Months
          • How Clean Must You Eat?
          • Sleep
          • Recovery Movement
          • Active Recovery
          • Active Recovery For The Older Athlete


"Remember that not every 5/3/1 program has a supplemental lift. Also remember that there is a faction of never-have-beens that love to talk about “finding your weakness” or other some nonsense that helps cover up for the fact that they know shit about training and programming. You can always follow the trail of turds these charlatans leave behind by looking for things like, “front squats will help your deadlift” and “pause squats are probably the answer!” and people who preach the hip thrust gimmick. I’m actually laughing out loud right now. Using a different supplemental exercise has it’s place but if you are weak as piss and can’t do basic stuff like 10 chin-ups, 20 perfect hanging leg raises, actually perform some kind of mile run without choking on your tongue or clipping your own feet, let’s save the bullshit for later. Until you have some basic level of strength and some kind of fitness level, you don’t need anything different. Your weakness is you aren’t strong and you aren’t in shape. Your weakness is listening to idiots – fix that before you add deficit pulls with chains to help your speed off the floor.

People’s weak points are rarely muscles. It is almost always their head, their heart or their lack of discipline and/or consistency."





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