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5x5 First Set Last vs Boring But Big

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This excerpt is from the Private Forum on in which 5x5 FSL (First Set Last) and BBB (Boring But Big) is discussed.  The differences of each and why programming them is so important.


It has been my experience, and I should point out this is not MY PERSONAL experience but working with others in regards to 5x10 and 5x5 @ FSL work. Now here's the strange thing:

1. I don't know if there is a huge difference with the end result; generally speaking BBB makes you a bit bigger HOWEVER 5x5 is (obviously) easier to recover from. So BBB kinda comes with an asterisk. So just because something is "harder" doesn't mean it's better; it means you better recover harder.

2. If you are doing 5x5 FSL work, yes the reps should be good. Yes, there will be times that your bar speed comes down; if you are in the beginning phases of Krypteia, for example. So there is a learning curve with some programs.

3. With BBB, bar speed is not as important (in general) as getting good quality reps and finishing the total volume. As long as your TM is solid, 99% of the time 5x5 @ FSL should be good/strong. (Also, understand that bar speed varies from person to person. And also understand that FSL work kicks a ton of ass at 5x5 because you get great work, your form is totally locked in and you don't run yourself down.)

In other words, IN GENERAL 5x5 should have good bar speed. 5x10 bar speed is second. This doesn't mean it is NOT important but no one does sets of 10 reps with rep speed being the focus. The ONLY people that can do this have very specialized backgrounds, is very specific to the sport and takes a huge base to pull off. 

So it's kinda based on your goals and where you are in your training. And one reason why PROGRAMS are so important. You don't stay LOCKED INTO one way of training for too long. AND...ready for you see how you can do BBB, do 10-15 contacts of throws/jumps a session and retain power. So when you go into your Anchor, your body is more than ready; it's loaded to kill.

All of these things are covered in depth in the new 5/3/1 Forever book and also discussed on the forum.  However, registration is currently closed to new memberships and will reopen to new members in the future.  Quality over Quantity.  If you would like to be notified when it's open to new memberships you can send your name and email the store at  




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