7 Exercises To Help Your Press

7 Exercises To Help Your Press
The press is awesome; all hail the press; long live the press.  Now that we've kissed enough ass and gotten on our knees for the Barbell Purists, let's get to work. 99% of the questions I get asked are (sadly) about assistance work, so here are some of the exercises that help your press.  Remember that assistance work is only one part of the puzzle of training; and like any sized puzzle, it's best to start at the corners while keeping the big picture in mind.
  • Dips. I love doing dips, although I'm 100% convinced they didn't help my bench press. I do think they helped my press, though.

  • Ab wheel. This is a great exercise for the abs and upper back. These two areas need to be strong and stabilized when pressing big.

  • Face pulls. Pull these for high volume. Pull the shoulder blades together.

  • Pressing with football bar or log. This is technically not an assistance
    exercise; this is a supplemental movement.  But the neutral grip may help you in the long run, especially if your supplemental volume is fairly high.

  • Rows. When is this ever a bad thing? You should be rowing anyway.

  • Chins. See "rows."

  • Curls. Barbell, dumbbells, EZ curl bar, hammer – whichever you want. Strong arms are never a disadvantage.

And now patience;  The unspoken, generally unaccounted for and hardest exercise of them all.  

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