Does Jim Wendler Do Yoga?

Does Jim Wendler Do Yoga?

Heard you recommend yoga videos for mobility.  Have you ever done an at home yoga video?  If so, which one?

Yes, I have done "in home Yoga" via watching some guy on a Yoga DVD.  I have no idea what it was called - I do know that it featured some skinny dude with a pony tail.  I still prefer my own mobility as it's less time consuming but depending on the phase someone is in, people can benefit from the brainless follow-along.   I think a lot of people who struggle with making mobility a priority would do themselves a huge favor by going to a specific Yoga class, at least once a week.  This keeps them accountable and sets an exact time/place for their session.

I have "coached" Yoga, although I hesitate calling it "Yoga" since I'm in no way qualified to do so.  During the football season, we do at least one 30-45 minute Yoga session with the players. I learned a few Yoga poses and put the kids through a very simple session.

So our in-season program consists of two days of strength training and one day of Yoga.  Everything in our football program is based around the following concept: the football players should be 100% ready to play on Friday night.  So each day, each practice/lifting session is done with that concept in mind.  On Friday night, I want the kids the strongest, feeling the best and feeling confidently aggressive.

One of the big problems I see in sports training (and really all training) is that everyone is trying to add/learn new shit.  My goal is to whittle away as much fluff and crap as possible.  I only want to do what is absolutely necessary and do those things perfect.


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