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Don't Mess With Texas

Davy Crockett - - Blog

Note:  I received this message from a police officer in Dallas, Texas and thought it would resonate with many of you, regardless of profession.  Although Law Enforcement Officers have more incentive to be in great shape/be strong, all of us, regardless of who you are/what you do, have no excuse to be weak and out of shape.  One thing I tell the kids I'm coaching is that it takes no talent to have great manners, have a winning attitude and be in awesome shape. Yes, some people will be genetically stronger or be able to run faster/longer.  But you can always be a better version of yourself. And not just "a little better". If you choose, you can supersede anything you currently believe is possible.


Mr Wendler,

I am a police officer in Dallas and I always considered myself to be “in shape” because I went to the gym and wasn’t fat.  It wasn’t until starting my job that I realized how weak I was.  Getting into fights and foot pursuits really shed light on this.  A buddy of mine recommended I start 5/3/1 so I began doing the program with him before each shift.  I told him I wanted to bench 300 lbs because that seemed impossible to me.  I was barely able to lift 185lbs when I started.  I also wanted to gain mass and have a big back because as you said, you can’t fake a big yoke.  Long story short, I am currently 250lbs and benching 320lbs with ease.  When I started I had no traps or back and weighed around 220lbs at 6’2”.  I’ve incorporated boring but big and building a bigger yoke into my routine.  I just wanted to say thank you for your time and dedication to helping others achieve their goals and get truly strong! 

PS...I’ve had several people I’ve arrested tell me that it’s a good thing I’m on steroids or else they woulda kicked my ass.  I just laugh because they mistake the results or your programs for steroid use! 

Thanks again!


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