Don't Quit Your Day Job - CNBC and Jim Wendler, Part 3

Don't Quit Your Day Job - CNBC and Jim Wendler, Part 3

The following article is the latest (3rd article) from CNBC; this one has some very basic suggestions for anyone who wants to "follow their passion" and turn it into their job.  Understand that when your passion becomes your job, you often lose the love for that passion. It is no longer about putting out quality information/product/services; it's about paying the bills.  This isn't true for everyone obviously but something to consider.  Years ago the idea of "Follow your Passion!" became the buzzword. Unfortunately, this isn't a smart option for some.  However, there are ways to do it without ending up having to sell your bootyhole for cash.

Read on for more information. There is one small mistake in the article; the band Ulver is referenced. The band should have been Darkthrone. It's still Norwegian Black Metal and both have impressive back catalogs and share "best necro production" for Transylvanian Hunger and Nattens Madrigal.  That small detail doesn't really matter to the big picture.

Last point: this is not to dissuade anyone from following a different/alternative path to their career. Just make sure you are smart about when you jump.

Read the article here.  Thanks to Eric Chemi for giving me a voice and actually understanding training/the program.  I appreciate it!

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