Fractured Hand and Fractured Pelvic Bone: Training Post-Prom

Fractured Hand and Fractured Pelvic Bone: Training Post-Prom

Question:  Firstly thanks for creating 531, it's awesome. I've got a fracture in my hand so my training is now limited for the next 2-3 months or so. I was thinking of squatting 3x/week with will hill sprints thrown in. Firstly, would you advise this and if so can you give me an idea around sets / rep ranges as haven't squatted more than once a week so unsure how to structure it?

Answer:  Check out the Full Body Training template in the 5/3/1 2nd Edition.  If possible, use a safety squat bar for squatting if your hand doesn't allow you to hold the bar properly during the squat.  If you are going to squat three days per week AND run hill sprints, I would highly advise you to try to run hills after you squat (on the same day).  Also, remember that "hard" conditioning work like the Prowler and hills must be accounted for in your weight training. In other words, if you put something in like this, you have to pull something out.  Hard conditioning is, for most, just another form of lifting.  

Question:  I am a PFC in the West Va National Guard and I am a big fan and love 5/3/1. I was 8 weeks into basic training when I messed up my leg (Stress fractures in femur, pelvic bone, and i pulled my hip flexor) When I got back I didn't want to be a pussy though, and immediately tested my bench and did a cycle of 5/3/1 for bench only because my leg still hurt too bad for the other lifts. Now I can train all but the squat. I have very weak hips still and am afraid to re-injure my hip as I have to go back to basic this summer. Any advice for how to strengthen my hips and push on?

P.S. 5/3/1 works and anyone who says it doesn't is not trying. Every month you get stronger. Period.

Answer:  You can try high box squats and work your way down.  Step ups and hip bridges would also be in order.  You may want to see what other single leg work you can do and use these lifts to make up for not being able to squat (start with bodyweight one-leg work) Finally, make sure you are doing mobility work.  And thank you for your service.

Understand that regardless of your injury, don't dwell on what you can't do. Focus only on what you can do.  This simple change in attitude and approach will keep you moving forward rather than being a victim.


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