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How Does 5/3/1 FOREVER Measure Up? And What's In It For You?

Matt Carlson Reading 5/3/1 Forever - - programming for size, speed, strength

Note from Jim: The new 5/3/1 Forever book is out and the reviews have been great; this book represent an evolution of writing, training and programming.  I've been obsessing about training since I've been 13 years old and sometimes it takes a few decades to learn how each and every piece fits into the big picture.  Below is a review I received from Josh (last name redacted out of respect for privacy); this was unsolicited and unexpected.  But totally appreciated.


 "Just got my copy yesterday, and have read through it twice (few days off before a fitness test, perfect reading time). I'm going to need to go through it again, and I'll explain why. 

This is the most comprehensive, thoughtful, and well rounded book on getting greasy strong I've ever cracked the spine on. Not to belittle Jim's previous works, I've read every sentence dozens of times over. His programs have always been a step above in my eyes. Slow progression and owning every pound you put up safely has always spoken to me. 

The difference in his new work is the inclusion of the wavy Leader and Anchor cycles, and the black-and-white concepts of how to move from template to template intelligently with the 7th Week protocols; add in to that fully programmed and integrated supplemental, assistance, and conditioning suggestions for each template, and you're all of the sudden provided with one-on-one coaching levels of programming that sure as SH*T more than justify the cost of the book. 

I've always been a "teach a man to fish" type of guy. Athletes should always be thinking about their own programming and be able to eventually guide themselves, but it's great to see Jim's no BS programming knowledge leveraged on the remainder of my training (when in doubt, consult the smart guy). Not to mention the level of thought and effort that was obviously put in to each template's explanation and variations (of which they are legion), clearly pointing to each one's purpose and aim. 

Again, not saying Jim's previous works before were lacking.... far from it. This is simply a massive leap forward from anything else I've seen from him, let alone most other authors. At first gasp, the book truly seems to live up to its "Forever" moniker, in that it presents programming that can be waved and periodized for as long as the athlete pleases or desires. I know it's fresh in my hands, and the rubber has yet to meet the road. It'll take years to glean the full effect of the programming in there; but therein lies the strength of the book: years and years of intelligently laid out and explained programming lie between these two covers. 

I don't know if anyone will ever see this, but if you do please believe that anyone I train with will be made fully aware of the work Jim put in to 5/3/1 Forever; I'm looking at ordering a second copy to keep on hand as a gift, and it has already earned its spot on the "guiding principles" part of my shelf.  Thanks for your time and effort, to all involved! It shows in spades." - Josh
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