How Simple Is the 5/3/1 Training Program To Use?

How Simple Is the 5/3/1 Training Program To Use?

From Jim: Don't confuse complexity with effectiveness. A program only needs to be as complex as to make progress. One thing that I preach to myself is that I'm always a beginner; the basics will always work. The only thing that changes is the application of the basics.  The following is a short testimonial detailing this very subject.


“I had decided that 5/3/1 lacked substance because of simplicity when compared with “the next best program you’re not doing” when all the evidence of progression was written down in my training logs and stared back in the mirror; because I wasn’t committed as a learner to hard work and educating myself on the basics.”

Three months into using 5/3/1 I was wondering if in fact the program wasn’t perhaps too simple.  I’m glad I decided to stick with it as Jim designed it – the constant progress is clearly to be seen throughout my training journal.  5/3/1 is all an Average Joe like me could ever need – just a pity I didn’t know about it 10 years ago!" - Chris V.J.

5/3/1: The Simplest And Most Effective Training System For Raw Strength


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