Jim Wendler on CNBC 2: The Importance of Discipline and Goal-Setting

Jim Wendler on CNBC 2:  The Importance of Discipline and Goal-Setting

The impossible continues! Another excerpt on CNBC from yours truly; this time about discipline.  Those of you that are familiar with some of the basic tenets of training, no matter what you are doing, you must be disciplined in your approach. This not just cover doing the work assigned/programmed but:

  1. Doing things correctly in training; this means doing the movements correctly, using the correct weights, not taking shortcuts, etc.
  2. Being prepared for each training session; this means physically, mentally and emotionally.
  3. Doing the correct things OUTSIDE of the weight room; sleeping, eating, your friendships, pursuing other interests/hobbies, career, family/friends.
  4. Having full knowledge of your own program and how it works/what you do; this is addressed to the coaches/trainers more than the athletes.  You should know your own program inside/out and be able to tweak/adjust every single training day and still arrive at the same destination.

The article also covers the habit of setting goals. Here is a brief excerpt from the article:

"Building discipline by saying you're going to do something and doing it works whether you're starting a new career or breaking out of your current job, trying to save money for a future purchase or looking to retire early. Setting small, achievable goals, and then achieving them, helps you build confidence in yourself and succeed in the long run."

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