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Life vs Training

Life vs Training - Life usually wins -


Dear Jim,

I am a shift worker and I love lifting.  I have been following your program for years and It's great. I can't preach about it enough! 

Throughout my high school years and degree program I was able to easily work a four day split and made great progress.  Now that I am working full time and in a shift work roster, I find it hard to fully commit to a four day split as well as get the prescribed conditioning in due to night shifts, random sleeping patterns and some days just feeling like hell.  I prioritise the lifting over conditioning and thus feel I'm not keeping true to the program.

I would really appreciate some advice if you found yourself in my position.  I'm not wanting to be a famous body builder or powerlifter, just average guy wanting to be stronger and improve ones own physical and mental well-being.

Lastly, I really enjoyed the articles you wrote How To Tug Like A Pro, How To Increase Your Press and Struggling With The Bench.  They are packed with info that has really helped! 

Kind regards,


Thanks so much for your support.  My training advice is to let go of what you want to do and instead do what you are able to do.  You're clinging to a training schedule that is inconsistent with your lifestyle, making it more difficult to recover between sessions and now lacks balance.  I suggest you begin doing the Krypteia Program found in 5/3/1 Forever.  It's a three day a week program that could be done as-your-schedule-allows.  This gives you an extra day off and the main lifts rotate so there is no issue with lifting even twice a week and then three (or even four if you know the next week you can only lift once).  It's important to follow a program that allows you to be flexible and still be successful.  As long as you are not skipping weeks entirely you will still progress.  Krypteia also has a great deal of work capacity built into it so that takes care of the imbalance with your conditioning.  Understand that your situation is not unique and neither is the answer.  We all must adapt to keep moving forward.  The alternative is denial and failure.  - Jim  

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