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Limited Training Time; Maximum Results

Limited Training Time; Maximum Results

Question: I can only make it to the weight room one time per week. However, I have a chin/dip station at home and a weight vest. How can I make this work?



Here's what I'd do - it's not ideal but I think it will definitely work.

Weight Room Day

Core Lifts

Squat - PR set, Widowmaker Set
Bench or Press - You can choose to do either of these. I'd probably just do a PR set and move on


SLDL (straight leg deadlift) - Done with a barbell, 2-3 sets working up to a fairly "heavy" (don't be stupid with this lift) 10-20 reps.

Optional Work

Rows or Curls (choose one) - A couple sets of a couple reps will do you just fine.

Other Training Days

I'd keep this very, very simple. You can do weight vest work or keep it body weight. If you are pressed for time/energy, keep the weight vest off. This will psychologically make things easier on you even if the weight vest is "easy". I'd keep this day (or days) similar to an assistance protocol: push/pull/single leg-core

  • Push - Push-ups/Dips
  • Pull - Chin-ups/Pull-ups or you might be able to do some Fat Man Rows somehow.
  • Single Leg/Core - Any single leg movement, body weight squats (this would be your default because it's easier) or ab wheel.

I'd select a very doable "total reps" for each movement and just get a nice pump/sweat going. I'd treat this like assistance work and not stress that much about it, especially if you are squatting/benching and doing SLDL on another day. As for how many total reps in each category, I implore you to "start light/progress slow". You don't need to do a million reps right away. I'd also set a time limit; after you warm-up, give yourself 20-30 minutes to get all of this done. I am always surprised at how long it takes people to train.  For best results, I'd recommend at least two of these workouts/week.

If you (or anyone) does two of these "at home" workouts and does the above weight room work, I don't see how you couldn't make progress (provided you are consistently eating/sleeping/recovering/not being a moron). It may not be ideal but nothing ever, ever is. EVER. When you lift, LIFT. Be there 100% mentally; push the sets hard and go in with a kick ass plan and a plan to kick ass.

If this this program doesn't sound like a good fit for you or your current goals, try one of the many training templates in the 5/3/1 Second Edition.


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