London Red Raider Football - Original Krypteia Team

London Red Raider Football - Original Krypteia Team

Since about halfway through the 2016 Two-a-Days, I have been working with the London High School football team.  Matt Goodwin at Elitefts originally asked if I'd be interested in helping them out.  I called the head coach, Kyle Cutler and offered my services. Originally, I just helped as an assistant football coach. A few weeks later, I offered to help in the weight room. Here's our story.

2016 - The season was rough.  I believe we won only 3 games and things did not look good. Throughout the entire season I was formulating an off-season plan; I was slowly implementing the training style with the J.V. team, the same style of training we use today (the Krypteia program).  Once the season ended, Kyle told me, "From now on, when people think London Football, I want them to think strong and physical."

The entire off-season was a learning experience for me and everyone at London High School.  We took one week off after the season ended and then got to work.  When the 2017 season came around, we were still building our identity but the kids began believing in the program and the possibilities. Individual successes were motivating and forging a stronger team as a whole.  We trained as hard and as smart as anyone; but were we going to turn this program around?

2017 - London High School won the conference and went to the playoffs - the first time for both in 20 years.  We are now a run heavy offense. Kyle likes to joke, "We set football back 30 years."  We believe in physical football and we believe we can win based on our attitudes and our commitment to doing the right things. 

Besides the team honors, we had several kids recognized for their excellence.

KJ Price - Conference Back of the Year, Division IV Central Districst Offensive Player of the Year, All Metro Team (top 28 football players in central Ohio, regardless of division) and 1st Team All-State

Jacob Jones - Conference Lineman of the Year, All Metro Team (top 28 football players in central Ohio, regardless of division) and 1st Team All-State

Miller Kronk - 1st Team Central District, 1st Team All-State, now at West Point

Bricker Thiel - 1st Team All-Conference, 1st Team Central District, Honorable Mention All-State

This is just a brief mention of a few of the kids that helped make 2017 so special.

2018 - We lost a lot of seniors but returned Price, Thiel and a host of kids who were more than ready to take London Football to the next level.  Our off-season was spectacular.  High school sports is voluntary and the kid's commitment and turnout was almost 100%.  We took one week off after the season and the kids showed up, ready to work. 

We are now 7-0; if you are a fan of old school football, you will love London High School.  We run for nearly 500 or more yards per game and pride ourselves on being physical.  We have outscored our opponents 380-61.

This past week, the London Gridiron Club started selling some London Football t-shirts/hoodies, featuring "Wendler Built" on the back.  Matt Goodwin did a phenomenal job of making me appear much more important than I am.

(click here to see the letter.) 

All proceeds from the Gridiron Club fundraiser will be donated back to the kids and the weight room.  It will help fund equipment essentials.  I did not take a single snap during any game;  These kids deserve all the credit and all the proceeds. 

I'd like to thank my main man, Kyle Cutler for believing and trusting me.  I'd like to thank Matt Goodwin for getting my ass in gear. I'd like to thank all the parents who have thanked me and have trusted their kids with me. And most of all, thanks to all the players who have put in the work. 

T-shirts and hoodies are available here.


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