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Modern Day Dads

Modern Day Dads

This is a recent interview I did with Modern Day Dads.  This was a very different interview that didn't focus on training, programming or the Prowler.  Instead, this is about how I balance being a father with my career, my thoughts on being a father and some advice for new dad's. 

Here is an excerpt:

What advice can you give any new father out there?

First, make sure you find your true partner in crime (your wife). You guys should be best friends, respectful of each other and in love. This relationship should be solid before you entertain the idea of having children. Your relationship shouldn’t require work that detracts from being a parent; it should be the strongest and most important aspect of your family. And you should treat it as such.

Second, have roles. I know it’s not cool to have specific roles for the mother and father, but this is my family. A mother is better at certain things and the father is better at others. This is how our species has survived and conquered. So know your roles, do your roles and don’t worry what the rest of the world is doing and/or preaching.

Make sure you are emotionally, financially and physically prepared to have children (this goes for the mother as well). If you aren’t prepared in these three areas, don’t have kids. If you have a surprise pregnancy, make the changes and sacrifices so that you are financially, emotionally and physically prepared. You no longer get to be selfish in these areas. The state should never raise a child – if you bring him into this world, it’s your responsibility to raise, educate and support him. Anything less and you are a burden on this society.

Finally, cherish the times you have with them. The most important thing you can give to a child is time and attention; enjoy the time together. Being a parent is serious business but that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun.

“If you want to change the world, raise good children.”

Read the rest of the interview here.

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