New Book News - The Codes!

New Book News - The Codes!
5/3/1 Forever by Jim Wendler

The 6 Day Pre Sale Begins This Friday March 24th at 7:00 am.  

Your Discount Codes Are Listed Below!
(the 20% OFF Krypteia Shirts and ALL other sales & discounts are automatic)
  • March 24-25:  Use code: SQUAREHAMMER in checkout for 20% OFF the Book
  • March 26-27:  Use code: MUMMYDUST in checkout for 15% OFF the Book 
  • March 28-29:  Use code: CRAZYHORSES in checkout for 10% OFF the Book
*Other items will go on sale during this time and most apparel will be included in pre sale - meaning all sizes will be fulfillable and made to order - several for the last time.


Helpful Reminder:  How Does A Pre Sale Work?

  • Orders are taken before the books are printed.  You receive a discount because we appreciate your support and also to compensate for the longer wait time.
  • Books are then printed to fulfill the orders - this can take 7-10 days. 
  • After the books are printed they ship out.  
  • So it takes longer to receive your purchase from a pre sale but you get a great deal and we don't run out of books!  Your entire purchase will ship together when the book is ready to go out.  We will keep you informed along the way.

Krypteia Battle Shirts

Excerpt On Recovery

5/3/1 Forever Contents & Excerpt On Supplemental Lifts

5/3/1 Forever Excerpt:  The Introduction 

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