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NFL Training, Bosu Balls and Brad Arnett

NFL Training, Bosu Balls and Brad Arnett

Question: What's your reaction to seeing top NFL athletes doing gimmicky shit on top of a Bosu ball and calling it "High-end Sports Performance Training for Elite Athletes"?

Answer:  I have not seen this spectacle you speak of in NFL training but I can imagine the reaction it gets throughout the training community.  Training videos have long stirred the pot; most veterans in the strength game remember the famous Adam Archuleta training video.  No video caused more of a commotion than that - and that was long before the cancer of social media.

Here's a couple things to remember when seeing this kind of debauchery in an NFL player's training video:

1. This is a snapshot of what they are doing - it's doesn't tell the whole story.

2. You aren't an NFL player or training an NFL player.  So it's a little narcissistic to think that you know best. 

3. For every Bosu-ball training video there are hundreds of real coaches that are training NFL players in more traditional ways.  The reason you don't see this is that they are too busy getting shit done.  They don't care about "likes" or any kind of social credit; they care about their athlete's getting better.  However underground common sense training methods may seem to become, they will continue to prevail because people like to win.

I have long said that one of the greatest strength coaches I've been around is Brad Arnett.  Haven't heard of him?  Watch this short video:



At a glance, the vast majority of real training is not sexy or exciting, however, the results are.  And again, the majority of coaches and athletes that are doing great work aren't advertising.  Continue to be wary of what is being pushed. If it's a gimmick, they need to sell it and potentially use it to sell themselves as a coach; this is a subpar career plan.

Famous Brad Arnett quote, "At some point, you gotta put some weight on the bar."

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