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Old Man Deadlifts

Old Man Deadlifts

Do you think at 64 years old, I am too old to do 5/3/1 deadlifts?  I can no longer squat due to knee replacements.  I can press but can no longer bench press.  Are you still performing heavy deadlifts and presses?

I don't think you are too old to do deadlifts; however age is not the issue. Performing the movement and recovering from the movement are far more important than your age.  The one big thing I've learned over the years from older lifters is this simple adage: Do not worry about what you can't do. Only worry about what you CAN do.

With that in mind, ask yourself if performing the deadlift is right for you.  And if there is some kind of physical limitation, can you fix that (or can someone help you fix that over time?)  Maybe you cannot perform a straight bar deadlift - but a trap bar is perfect for you.  I never, ever want to tell someone they cannot do something. But sometimes the answer isn't as simple as running your head into a wall, over and over again.  Sometimes the answer is as simple as changing the barbell or changing the stance.  And please do not get caught up in Barbell Politics. If you trap bar deadlift 900 pounds, no one is going to call you weak.  Well, no one even remotely qualified to have any kind of opinion.

As for me - I use the trap bar, safety squat bar and the Swiss/football bar exclusively. As for whether or not it is "heavy" is all a matter of perspective.  Certainly not even close to how strong I was before but I don't really care that much.  I have very specific goals for myself and as long as I'm Top Walrus in my family with two growing boys, I'm happy.  One thing I learned at a very early age (24 years old, if you want to be exact) is to never, ever look backward.  Ever. Always move forward, constantly evolve and constantly challenge yourself in new ways.  Your actions and mind should always be in the moment with considerations on how it will effect your future.

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