Prowler Challenge Review

Jim Wendler Prowler Challenge from 5/3/1 Forever

There is a new Prowler Challenge in the Forever book; it has its roots in suckage.  However, the one thing that I tried to do is marry strength and conditioning without sacrificing too much of one another - much like an athlete has to train these two qualities.  So if you want to get stronger and become a Prowler Madman, give this challenge a run.  Below is a review of the Prowler Challenge from Patrick, a poor soul who gave his soul to the Prowler.


I just completed the Prowler Challenge from 5/3/1 Forever. It was grueling but incredibly rewarding. I was able to finish out by pushing the Prowler, loaded with six plates,
for ten, forty-yard sprints. I completed the task in 13 minutes and 23 seconds.
I was sucking wind at the end, but otherwise felt great! As a side note: all of my lifts went up during this time. I did the 7th week protocol as a Training Max test before beginning and set my training max to 90%. All of my plus sets were done in the 8 rep to 12 rep range.
This is the best conditioning program that I've ever used. I was able to gain strength, lose weight, and push myself beyond what was normally possible for me. Thanks for the challenge; it was the kick in the ass that I needed!



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