Question and Answer: Instagram Highlights and Lowlights

Question and Answer: Instagram Highlights and Lowlights

Question: How do you ever reach a point where you can do 10 dips/10 chins to complete a Krypteria program ?

Answer: You get stronger? I don't understand the question.  You consistently work hard and smart and due to this very magic, you will get there.  Luckily in the Krypteia program there are other options.


Question:   Jim, thinking of starting Krypteia with FB team. Thoughts on replacing dead’s with power cleans? If ok, what two asst lifts would you do?

Question: Do you have any advice about how to train when injured?

Answer: Focus on what you CAN do, not what you can’t. The attitude of a winner.



Question: Your preferred recovery methods for very regular/intense training weeks?

Answer: Sleep, eat/hydration and minimizing other stress.  There is no "Super Secret Soviet Recovery JuJu Magombu"; remember the first order of recovery is "Don't train like an asshole."


Question: How do you program in farmers carries? Finisher or incorporated in accessory work?

Answer: Can we just all agree the term "Finisher" should be reserved for giant turds and porn stars?  Horrible.  Farmer's Walk are programmed as part of the three assistance categories and must be done according to the current training/fitness level of the athlete.  This is all explained in the Forever book. 

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