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Ramble On - Random Thoughts on Training

Jim Wendler laughing with friends

Signs you are a Training Asshole:
1. You do more tinkering than training.
2. You train harder than you can recover.
3. You aren’t honest about your goals or your effort.
4. You use the exception to prove the rule.
5. You don’t eat to support your goals.
6. You don’t trust your experience or knowledge.
7. You aren’t training for YOUR reasons.
8. You are being guided by dead ideas.

I’ve never met a successful person who was a victim.

Self awareness is more important than self love.

Not every back problem can be cured with a few “cat and camels” and a roller.

We no longer train to be just physically strong – we train so that we are strong people. The armor of our bodies is nothing compared to the strength in our mind.

The best training book you will ever read is your training journal. Keep one.

The biggest mistake beginners make is taking advice from other beginners.

If you have enduring principles, you can withstand opposing opinions.

I see no negatives to a man squatting 500, doing 20 pull-ups and running a 6:00 mile.

Before you learn how to lose weight, figure out how not to gain it.

You have the right to an opinion. You have the right to express that opinion in the appropriate forum. You also have the right to be shown to be an asshole.

The last thing I’d do if I was trying to get strong is to not eat for majority of the day. Just some common sense that isn’t supported by cherry picked science.

If you lack discipline, do these three things everyday: wake up before the sun comes up, floss and do mobility work.

Discipline is much more important that motivation.

Write your own philosophy; take from others and guide your family.

Just because you aren’t a leader doesn’t mean you have to be a follower.

Work on your weaknesses but exploit your strengths.

Balance in training doesn’t equal time spent.

Pass on physical culture to your entire family.

Strong legs, strong back, strong grip and strong lungs = stronger than most.

Read, write and train everyday – 3 things that keep me balanced.

Someone once told me that there are no bad training ideas. They are wrong.

Success leaves crumbs. If you want to get stronger, you might want to eat them. If not for the knowledge, at least for the calories.

Learn to separate art from politics. You’ll learn more.

Multi-tasking is doing a lot of things bad at one time.

Men of Action are too busy getting shit done to worry about others.

Applaud the man who gets no credit for doing his job and does not complain.

Showing a picture of a marathon runner doesn’t support your belief that running is bad.

The stronger you get, the harder training becomes.

Sprinting up a steep hill several times is the most inexpensive therapy you’ll ever receive.

Not every workout should be a physical challenge – but they all should lead to one.

Every successful person has great genetics. They just might not all be physical.

The 70's were amazing for great rock drummers: Moon, Bohnam, Baker and Ward.  I guess you'd put Baker's Cream in the 60's but whatever - all great drummers in popular music which is unheard of today.

3 Things I Learned from Louie Simmons

• Train optimally, not maximally.
• Bar speed matters.
• I’m not as smart as him.

Things I learned from Dave Tate

• Have your principles and constantly refer to them. They will guide you when you need them most. But they must be YOUR principles, not others.
• Be wary who you go to for training advice.
• You don’t know everything – admit it and ask for help.
• Wings are never a meal; they are an appetizer.

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