Total Responsibility = Strong, Pro-Active Men

Troll Deadlifting Illustration -

Hi Jim,

Just wanted to thank you for the awesome program and share my progress.

I am an illustrator and currently work as a concept artist at a computer game studio so I spend most of my time at a desk.  I started weight training 1 year ago.  I did a 5x5 program with a trainer for 6 months then I had to move from Singapore to Sweden; that is where 5/3/1 comes in.  I have now been running 5/3/1 Boring But Big for the past 6 months.  It has been a huge challenge to fit training into my schedule but ultimately I figured you can always make time.  I enjoy the steady progress and it is really making my squats explode.

6 Months Ago:
OHP     47.5kg  (104.5 lbs)
Bench     80kg     (176 lbs)
Squat    140kg     (308 lbs)
Deadlift 170kg     (374 lbs)

OHP        60kg  (132 lbs  + 27.5 lbs)
Bench     90kg  (198 lbs  + 22 lbs)
Squat    170kg  (374 lbs  + 66 lbs)
Deadlift 185kg  (407 lbs  + 33 lbs)

My upper body has been slow but I understand that these things just take time. All things considering I really think my overhead press has progressed well. With 5x5 it felt like it started to plateau early on.

I Sleep 8-9 hours a day, eat a ton, take zinc, follow the deload and I've learned to leave a little in the tank on the AMRAP, especially on leg day.  I'm learning how much volume I can take and trying to understand the mechanics of how training works as I am still new to this.
Haven’t stalled on the lifts yet. I feel it is only just accumulating and I'm being patient.  I want to eventually compete in an amateur strongman contest because it looks like so fun. I am initially focusing on getting as strong as possible for a couple of years before I train more specific.

Thanks again and keep rocking!

 *I'd like to credit my start in strength training to The Strength Yard Barbell Club  in Singapore.  They were great to lift with and very strict on form.

Note from Jim: Thanks to Rich for sharing his story and for not making any excuses.  We are all responsible for ourselves; responsible for what happens to us and how we respond. Total responsibility = strong, pro-active men.


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