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Social Media Blackout - updated

Social Media Blackout - updated

This past week we have seen both the Facebook pages and Instagram page be shut down; we don't know the actual why as the "reasons" have been numerous/random and make no sense.  Our posts have been demonetized regularly the past two years, products have been removed from the Facebook store because they included trigger words and descriptions contained concepts of individual strength and a disapproval of the victim-hood mentality.  We also previously received "strikes" for using the terms "responsibility" and "body weight" too close together.  Never mind that I write strength training articles that include body weight exercises but according to them, this is offensive speech.

The main Facebook account has now been hacked and someone is posting under my name.  It is uncertain which happened first, the ban or the hack but either way it is infuriating because a ban takes away something but a hack destroys something - reputation.  The posts are stupid, full of emojis and plentiful.  If you see anything on either Facebook account or on Instagram - it is not me.  You can also see on the Facebook page that it has been altered to read "Jim Wendler - Video Creator".  That, I am not. 

At this time we also have no recourse as the moderators have blamed Corona for there lack of follow up.  No attempts to resolve the issue have been answered.  Twitter also took us off permanently about 6 weeks ago; again, we didn't get any reason for the BanHammer.  I haven't personally used Twitter since probably 2009 or so; we only used it for article or sale updates.  So it's not like it was full of political crap or some other actual objectionable material.  We never mention politics or political figures, only freedom which we believe used to be, and still should be, a common denominator across all parties and people.  We started a new Twitter account.

I wasn't massively active on these platforms but it did allow me to update people and allow some interaction as well as reach new people, especially on Instagram. Since this has been taken away we are trying our best to move on; we opened a Parler account ( and will hopefully do a very simple YouTube channel.   I don't want to put out 60 minute videos of me talking about nothing; no one wants that. I'd like to do short, concise videos answering different training questions.  No fluff.

Even if we get Facebook and Instagram back, we will continue to develop these two platforms.  In the meantime, get your January NOV Challenges ready.

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