The Age Old Question: What Is Vag?

The Age Old Question:  What Is Vag?

Question:  Just got done reading your 531 book. Looking forward to doing this. One question for now. What the heck is vag?

Answer:  That would be short for “vagina.”  While some may see North of Vag as a misogynistic term, I can only shake my head and hope they were not publicly educated; I’d hate to see tax dollars being wasted that way.  It is simply a rallying cry to not be a pussy.  And if one can’t see past the simple and obvious point I am trying to make, I can only hope they never vote or procreate.  The ego behind adults telling other adults what words they can say or not say is amazing.  I never trust these people as they clearly have nothing going on in their lives and instead, spend time policing the world.  No Man (or Woman) of Action would ever bother with this. They are simply too busy getting shit done than weeping like a martyr. Being a victim is not sexy.

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