The Nutrition Myth

The Nutrition Myth

This following video from "Funny or Die" sums up all the bullshit, myths, lies and downright stupidity that we have been forced to swallow from the majority of the nutrition world.  Every week, there is a new boogeyman and a new savior.  Use some common sense, critically think and don't be swayed by what is new and shiny; and don't be scared by the newest studies. 

Yes, we are always learning, progressing and evolving. But there is a huge difference between these three things and falling for bullshit.  Be wary of what you read and understand that many people have an agenda and bias; and anyone can prove their point even with the latest scientific studies.

Many years ago, Alwyn Cosgrove told me this story:

"Let's say that I have you max out on the bench press; we record that number and then have you go through an entire bench press workout complete with a variety of movements.  Immediately after, I have you max out on the bench press again.  Obviously due to fatigue your bench press max will go down. I have now demonstrated that training makes you weaker."


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