Where's my stuff?!

Where's my stuff?!

Answers To Common Questions Surrounding The 5/3/1 FOREVER PreSale

5/3/1 Forever resale update - jimwendler.com

"Wait...what's a presale again?  I forget/ didn't notice."

Here's how a presale works:
  • Orders are taken before the books/shirts are printed.  You receive a discount because we appreciate your enthusiasm, support and also to compensate for the longer wait time.
  • Books/shirts are then printed to fulfill the orders. 
  • After the books are printed they ship out in the order they were received. 
  • So it takes longer to receive your purchase from a presale but you get a great deal and we don't run out of books!  Your entire purchase will ship together when the book is ready to go out.  We will keep you informed along the way. And this post is our first step in keeping that promise!

"I already received a notice that my package has shipped.  But I don't see any movement.  What's the deal?"

You did receive a shipment confirmation with your tracking number.  We printed shipping labels as part of processing your order AND we are using your shipping label to reserve your place in the "shipping line"- buy earlier - get earlier.  You have a valid tracking number.  It will just remain dormant until your package is on the way.  

"If I ordered a shirt or other stuff, will that hold up my order?"

Not at all!  Due to the volume of books, they are being made on a boss printing press old school style with new school speed however they are going to take longer than shirts or additional books you may have ordered.  Nothing is holding you up and so far everything is progressing really well.

"Can I receive other items in my order early if they are available early?"

Normally we are very happy to do this as a courtesy but this time around all of your items will ship together (even banners).  This is the most efficient way to get everyone their order without mistakes.  

"So what's up with the books?  When will they ship?"

All the pages and covers have been printed and are now being cut, collated and then bound.  Right now the expected ship date is April 15th.  Yay!  We actually started 3 days earlier than we originally planned so we are ahead of schedule and don't foresee any delays.  We are as excited as you for these books to go out!  
We had a great presale and we are seeing everry. Single. detale. of it through for the best customer service, communication, error-free ordering and expedited shipping/shopping experience possible.  And nobody wants you to get your order quickly more than us!  

"Your shipping options suck. So YOU suck!  And I'm going to bash you online even though I still do the program. And I'm not going to stop until I make your customer service girls cry...MORE THAN ONCE - especially Jen cause she's hot.  And WHY is my bench stuck at 225.5?!  Where can I get more of those micro loading plates?!  Never mind.  Because your shipping SUCKS.  But what the hell is Anchors and Leaders? And where can I download the Krypteia program because I haven't read it but I definitely want to change it."  

We are happy to help!  Just email your name, address, social media alias, social security number and IP address to wendlerstore@gmail.com and we'll assign someone very special to your complaint right away.
JW Customer Service 
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Showing you a picture of PRIORITY shipping would be less interesting.
Better Go Priority

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