Why 5/3/1 Athlete Knee Sleeves?

Why 5/3/1 Athlete Knee Sleeves?

Why Knee Sleeves

There are two main reasons to wear knee sleeves.  The first is if you have problems with one or both of your knees.  Wearing knee sleeves can help alleviate some of the general pain that comes with an injury or...a lifetime of action and bad decisions.  The second reason to wear knee sleeves is to prevent problems with your knees.  Currently, I am in this category.  My knees are fine - which is remarkable considering all the stupid things I've done in my life.  However, if I attempt to do any kind of lower body workout sans sleeves, my knees are sore for days.  With knee sleeves, my knees feel great and I have no issues.

For those of you who are lucky enough to have a home/garage gym, knee sleeves may be a necessity during the winter season.  A cold barbell doesn't mean you have to have cold knees.  Keep them warm!

You probably don't need knee sleeves if you are new to lifting or don't suffer any knee soreness and/or pain.  However, if you are in this for the long haul and expect to push your body to the limit, sleeves will eventually be in your gym bag.  Be smart and stay ahead of the curve.

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I have a pair, they are awesome - V. Dizenzo

Wendler Knee Sleeves

I got my sleeves in the mail yesterday....they are sweet! The 2X sizing for me is perfect. They feel great!  They are thicker than I expected. - J. Rosenberger

Follow Up: I'm not sure this was in intended feature but the thickness of the sleeves provides cushion for your knees when getting down and up from the ground like for push ups....again this is luxurious! - J. Rosenberger

The sleeves work good. They feel good. my wife compared to the feel of the inside to her original Rehbands. She prefers these more. The inside does provide a ribbed adhesion also. No sliding around and constant adjustment. I haven't gotten terribly sweaty to see how they do soaked. I'm assuming they will work well if anything like the rehbands.  I ordered a large per the size chart. A little snug around the calves. I do have bigger legs though. I would measure your calves and quads about where they sit. I'm sure they will loosen up with use. - J. Clark

Follow Up: Put the sleeves through the test. Feel very good. Once I got them positioned right they never moved. Very easy to take off.  No complaints with the tightness while in full use. Very snug fit but nothing was being compressed. 10/10 - J. Clark

For anyone sitting on the fence, I just received today and immediately thought the same (as above review). I've been using the 7mm Rehbands for years, these feel almost identical. Looking forward to testing out fully. - D. Shulte

I am the definition of old and beat up.  All 4 limbs have been surgically repaired at various times and my ortho upon looking at scans of my knees told me, "Those can't be cleaned up, just keep going until one explodes and we will replace them."  That being said, knee sleeves like these are a daily part of my lifting.  I wish I had worn sleeves earlier in my career just to help keep my knees in better shape from the beating I put on them.  The 5/3/1 Athlete Knee Sleeves are perfect for what I need them for.  They are snug, stay in place, give my knees enough support and pop without being so tight that I need to pull them up and down for breaks during training sessions.  I use them for all my warm ups, light work and assistance, and then use wraps for my competition lifts.  I will also add, even though these are knee sleeves, I really like this particular sleeve as an elbow sleeve as well. - P. Stevens

I ordered large (around my knee is 16.5 inches). I have gone through 2 pairs or neoprene sleeves from Amazon for basically the same price which have separated at the seams. I squat once a week and them lasting only 90 days at that pace is ridiculous. They took the first pair back and I have asked for another refund. Oddly enough, I had a pair from the same seller last me 4 years until I bought these last two, so the decline in quality was unexpected. Looking forward to these 5/3/1 sleeves as I trust I wont be disappointed. - M. Weiser

Today was first day using the sleeves and couldn’t be happier with them! The ribbed inside makes a huge difference in keeping them in place. Thanks for always providing great products! - D. Clanton

Did my first WALRUS in new sleeves. Awesome!! These feel great for body weight squats. I was using my SBD’s they’re great for barbell squats but too much for body weight. I didn’t realize it until I workout in the new sleeves, big difference! Thanks guys keep up the awesome work!!! - D. Schader

Just got my sleeves in, and they fit like a charm. They don't slip down during lifts, tight but not so tight that you can't move in them, and are extremely comfortable. Very easy to take off as well. I'll get back to how durable they are in the future, but my initial review, they are pretty awesome and feel great for my major lifts. - S. Briggs

As a master Olympic lifter, I can tell you I've used all the brands and types of knee sleeves out there.  I have been using my 5/3/1 Sleeves for a few weeks now and they are great!  Stay in place, easy on and off, nice fit and great price point compared to many other brands.  Thank you for an awesome product!  HIghly recommend for all types of lifting. - B. Shinn

-They arrived in a very timely manner.
-They are very well made.
-Great support without making my legs numb.
-Only pair of knee sleeves I’ve ever owned that didn’t bunch up once during a training session. - L. Barber

I recently ordered and received the 5-3-1 knee sleeves (the new black ones).
I'm extremely happy and impressed with them!
I use them primarily for BJJ. They work amazingly well for this. They don't slip or ride up and they are very comfortable and allow for full mobility. I used them for a squat workout as well and I feel they are just as good or even a bit bitter than rehbands. I'm probably going to order another pair so that I have one pair for lifting and another for bjj/grappling. - T. Lintunen

Best pair of sleeves I've ever owned. I preemptively bought a second pair, for when my 1st pair wears out & the possibility that Jim is no longer selling them. -  N. Motta
I got the new 531 knee sleeves. These things fit wonderfully. I've been scuba diving longer than I've been lifting by a number of years and these are by far the most comfortable things made of neoprene I've ever worn. If Jim and Juliet made wetsuits that fit this well and could be pulled on and off this easily, they'd redefine the standards for the whole dive industry. These are simply fantastic.
Great product, great price.  Thanks for not making me pay what others charge for the same quality. - Dave

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Reviews will be maximally helpful to others if you include your knee measurement, size ordered,  how you use them and how you like them.  But all reviews are helpful to us and truly appreciated.

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