You are 40 years old...not 80.

You are 40 years old...not 80.

Apparently, certain milestones in a person's life become an excuse to be a huge pussy.  These include but are not limited to:

1. Training; once a person turns 40 years old, they have to trade in the barbell for a leotard and a butt plug.

2. Marriage: once a person gets married, they give up and get physically, emotionally and personally disgusting.  This goes for men and women. Quit being gross.  Nobody wants to be stuck with you at your worst.

3. Having Kids: see "Marriage".

We will worry about the first issue (training) as it is easy to fix.  The first thing to remember is that you are 40 years old, not 80. So quit acting like you can't walk or stand up straight.

Yes, you aren't 20 years old. But the same basic rules of training applies to you now as it did then: you train as much as you can recover from.  Put your ego aside on some things and put on your big boy pants for the others.  Yes, you can squat and deadlift and push the Prowler - just don't be an idiot when you do these things.

There is obviously much more to this issue but for now, let's all realize that we've got a lot of days left to kick ass.  Don't waste them.

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