You Can Never Be Wrong Kicking Butt

You Can Never Be Wrong Kicking Butt
"You can never be wrong if you are kicking ass."

In regards to my training, this was my answer to the question, "What are you going to do next?" The following may not be right for everyone and it is certainly not right for everyone at all times. However, it has served me well in work, school, training and relationships.


At 19 years old, I made a list of things I wanted to achieve. In terms of working, I knew I wanted to work from home, do something training related and do some kind of writing work. I didn't know what any of this would involve or how I would get there. But that was what I wrote down. Fast forward to me being at Kentucky and meeting Dave Tate. EliteFTS was still young and Dave and I hit it off. When he found out that I was an English major in college, he asked if I would like to write some articles for EliteFTS. "YES!", was my response. I had been writing training articles/ideas for 2 years prior to this; never published them anywhere but I still wrote them. And magically, when my opportunity arose, I was ready. I had dozens of articles, most of them pretty horrible, but at the very least I had prepared myself for the opportunity.


I tell this to my sons and my athletes - do the homework assigned, be on time, be respectful and study when needed. Even if you don't like the subject, AT THE VERY LEAST you will be prepared and show the teacher that you care. So if your grade is "on the rocks" you can prove your effort. And if you show up, study and be on time - you have a better chance of doing better; just by doing the simple things. If you choose to go to college, you have a base of knowledge to help you through. If you don't, you have a base of knowledge that will help REGARDLESS of your career choice and in both cases, you will earn life experience on how to be be responsible for work and meet standards.


No matter what you are training for: football, golf, everyday life, the military - if you do the right things you will be prepared. You work on your leg and lung strength - you are ready for anything. You work on your flexibility and mobility - you are ready for anything. You work on your pressing strength and your pull-ups/chin-ups - you are ready for anything. You run hills - again...ready for anything. You may not know exactly what you are going to do or where you are going but when you decide; you have a base of awesome to work with.


I used to get a ton of these questions, mostly from guys who don't know how to approach a girl or attract a girl. Or are self-conscious about their appearance. The #1 thing I tell them is to get their own "Train" moving forward. Start taking the time to improve yourself and your forward momentum. DO NOT SIT AROUND waiting for shit to happen. Everyone, regardless of gender, likes people who have their shit together and are making moves. No good person wants another that just sits around, complains and collects diseases like stagnant water. Start improving yourself! Work on your mind. Your character. Your body. Start that business. Write that book. Play in the band, Work hard at your job. Take pride in who you are and what you are doing. Take notice of your future. People WANT to jump on your train. The hard thing is knowing when to jettison people who are slowing you down. Don't stop the train for anyone and DO NOT do stupid shit that forces you to stop. This doesn't mean you are selfish - it means you don't let someone guilt you into being less because it makes THEM feel better.

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