Q/A - Weight Vest and Bodyweight Training

Q/A - Weight Vest and Bodyweight Training

I’ve been doing 5/3/1 for many years and understand the principles. I want to start WaLRUS style, body weight training, but am not capable of using a weighted vest because I am not strong enough at this point. In your opinion, would you agree this is a good starting point:

  • 0.5 mile Air Dyne
  • 15 squats
  • 10 push-ups
  • 3 pull-ups/ chins

Each movement is done 5 times and performed as a circuit.

The above would be done for one cycle. The second cycle, I would add 5 reps to squats and push-ups; I would also add 1 more rep to chins/pull-ups.  I’ve found this “easy” for me yet challenging. What do you think?



Those of you who have read the 5/3/1 Forever book know about WaLRUS Training. (It’s called WALRUS Training  because it is the fat, gross cousin to the Navy Seals. I also refer to it as being a Suburban Commando.)

Yes, that is a great place to start.  Remember that the starting point is going to vary between person to person.  There are a lot of variables that come into play so if this is where you are at, DO IT!  Don't get too wrapped up in where you start only that you start "too light".  In other words, don't try to do too much in the beginning.

However, the next step would be to add another 3-5 rounds to the training.  I wouldn't worry about increasing the reps on the movements just yet.  After AT LEAST 2-3 weeks of 5 rounds, increase to 8-10 rounds for another 2-4 weeks.  I would not advise you to move on until what you are doing is super easy.  Let your body adapt; it doesn't adapt over on workout. It takes time.  If you try to force it, your body will let you know.

I generally take about a month for each "phase" - that's me training everyday, at least twice a day.  "Twice a day?!  I don't have time for that!  MUST be nice."  Well maybe you're not there right now but you can sure do something at home with minimal to no equipment right now, everyday.  This is NOT about getting to the end/goal as fast as possible. This is about getting there and learning what it takes to maintain that work load for a long period of time.  My training, at this point, is about the discipline of doing great work, every single day.  I am owed nothing and the only way to success is putting in solid work day after day after day.

For more discussion, variations and Q/A on this style training, join the private forum - as long as your willing to post with your name.  There are no screen names on this forum.

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