Training with a Newborn

Training with a Newborn


I am about to become a father and would like to know any advice/programs you have.  I know I'll be tired but I do not want to skip out on training, even if it's somewhat compromised.


Have an A workout and a B workout. For example:

A Workout


B Workout




  • Assistance is up to you - you do not have to do dips, chins and rows.
  • To save time, superset the assistance with the main work.
  • Sets/reps on the main lift is up to you and can be changed every workout.  So when you are feeling good, push the last set. When you are feeling exhausted, do the minimum reps or set a very realistic goal.

Because your schedule is going to be all screwed up, you can now alternate between the two workouts as often or as little as your schedule allows. When you feel great, harness the power of the day and make it happen. If you don't, deal with it - struggle to get the work in and know that you can always come back another day.

The one thing that I think helped me more than anything is that when it was time to train, I made sure it was training time. I prepared the training mentally and physically BEFORE I stepped in the weight room. What this means is that I didn't just stroll in the weight room and hope for the best. I did everything I could to make the workout a success. Because I knew I had control over that - I didn't have control over my sleep patterns but I could control eating. And I could control prepping my body/mind prior to training.

I guess what it comes down to is this: wherever you are, be there. When you are training, be the "warrior" (I know, I know it is hardly being a "warrior" but you get the point).

The other thing I would like to say is that once you have kids we often think that once they get in a good sleep pattern, the problems go away. Kids/family always put a kink into training, no matter what age they are at. Just ask any father of a teenager. There is always "something" - school shit, sports, social issues, etc. Fitting what is important to you (for all of us, that would be training) requires some balance and communication with all involved. And it also requires that you prioritize. One of the best things that having kids will do for a successful, driven person is give them more focus on what is important (this is not one of those "KIDS ARE THE MOST IMPORTANT THING EVER!" speech...I hate those.) Life is what is important - your life, their life, the life of your family. And YOUR passions drive your family. Your commitment to being "more than human" drive your family.

This is getting way off topic but kids/family often put things into chaos, especially for those of us that are driven and very much selfish in these pursuits. I know I am - and it's often looked at as a fault - there is much resentment for the male who doesn't give up EVERYTHING for their family. But I politely raise my middle finger at these people who want to neuter men who have passion. You don't have to give up everything to be a good father. It just a matter of putting your energy in the right places at the right time.

I see a lot of people talk about poverty and only talk about money - I see poverty of the soul. People who have let themselves be stripped of their BEING. And this is one reason why choosing your wife is so important. Both of you should support the other in growing beyond just surviving. When one of you is content on survival instead of blooming, the other will surely lose their beauty.


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